Genesis Backpack NBG-0986 Genesis 15.6 Pallad 500 Black

  • Brand: GENESIS
  • Product Code: NBG-0986
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  • $ 90 $ 72

Genesis Pallad 500 backpack is a great choice for people who travel with gaming equipment and accessories. Inside the backpack you can find enough space for your essentials such as keyboard and headphones. The kitbag can fit various items that are not just gaming related, but are needed for your safety and identity.

Dimensions: 13.00 cm x 32.00 cm x 50.00 cm
Weight: 1.18 Kg


The main advantage of Pallad 500 is its air cell system, dedicated pocked for glasses and waterproof material which makes your journeys predictable and without any surprises.
The Pallad 500 is equipped with safety pockets for your laptop, keyboard, headphones and mouse pad. It has side pockets which are ideal for your smartphone. The backpack comes with a special power bank compartment.
The Pallad 500 is great not just for electronic equipment, but also for your documents, keys and many more. Valuable items can be stored in an additional back pocket where you can secure your property.

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