Bormioli Rocco Ha White Moon Rice Bowl 9.8cm, 4.10855

  • $ 2

Everyday objects become chic and contemporary with Bormioli Rocco 100% glass. 

The distinctive white colour is obtained by adding fluorine.

Bormioli Rocco opal glass products are synonymous with total hygiene, thanks to the absence of superficial porosity meaning the product do not absorb impurities and are exceptionally liquid-proof (does not absorb liquids).

The toughening technology makes Bormioli Rocco products highly-safe for intensive use, featuring high mechanical resistance (high impact resistance) and thermal shock resistance (Temperatures up to 110° C).

Size: 9.8cm Rice Bowl

Dishwasher safe

Microwave safe

Refrigerator safe


Dimensions (HxW): 10x10cm

Weight: 141g

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