Casio High Grade Music Arranger Keyboard, MZ-X500K

  • Brand: CASIO
  • Product Code: MZ-X500K
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  • $ 1,586 $ 999

This new flagship keyboard will enable musicians around the world to perform, create, and inspire like never before.
Evolutionary Sound Quality
The MZ-X500 provides over 1,100 high-quality Tones, covering a global variety of instruments. No matter what type of music you want to play, the MZ-X500 delivers. Acoustic guitars include fret noise, harmonics, string slides and body slaps. Basses have smooth glissando from note to note. The new Versatile Tones provide these and other nuances, conveying incredible realism. The Tones can be easily modified to suit your tastes, thanks to the Color Touch Interface and real-time control knobs and sliders. You can also draw on a selection of 20 different effects to fit any occasion.
Virtual Tonewheel
The MZ-X500 faithfully reproduces the timeless sound of a vintage tonewheel organ. The rotary speaker is also simulated in great detail, giving you the complete vocabulary of this revered instrument. The physical sliders give you precise drawbar control, and easy onscreen buttons provide you with essential adjustments.
Evolutionary sound quality with over 1,100 Tones, 330 Rhythms, and Casio's renowned Hex Layer synthesis
5.3-inch color touch screen plus hands-on controls
Virtual tonewheel organ with drawbars and rotary speaker emulation
16 multi-function, velocity sensitive, backlit pads for sampling, phrases, articulations, and more
40-watt bass-reflex speaker system
61 keys, 650 user tones / Dimensions: 94 x 14 x 40 cm / Weight: 7.6 kg

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