Razer Keyboard Huntsman Elite - US Layout, RAZ-01870100

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RAZER Huntsman Elite Keyboard - US Layout, gaming, black, wired (USB), US, mechanical, optical- RZ03-01870100-R3M1
Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

Optomechanical Switches Are Here
Optical switches offer an unprecedented key response speed, while the great feeling of mechanical switches is hard to beat. However, Razer has once shown that there is no need to choose and introduces the new Razer Huntsman keyboard with optomechanical switches that combine the best of both worlds.

Speed ​​and ease The
activation and reset points are in the same position, so you can be sure that when looking around the corner in FPS games, it will be so fast that your opponent won't even make it.
Both players and writers will fall in love with the ease of pressing with a strong response during activation. The stabilizer bar ensures that the keystroke is the same, no matter where you press the key from any corner.
The fact that this is now an optical way to activate the key means that there are fewer physical things under the key. Which means one thing: longer life - up to 100 million presses! Razer

Of course, Razer did not allow it to add its standard equipment to previous keyboards here as well. The 10-key rollover antighost ensures that you need at least 11 fingers to force a keyboard error.
With game mode, knocking will be minimized.
Razer Hypershift brings more options with an adjustable second set of one-key functionality.
The matt aluminum top panel ensures that the keyboard will show its robustness in the event of a hot moment and remain pleasant to the touch.
The Razer Synapse 3 and the possibility of creating macros are also a matter of course.

Hybrid built-in storage and cloud storage
Customize your keyboard - buttons, macros or backlight and save your profiles to cloud storage or up to 5 profiles to built-in storage.

Elite The
multifunctional digital disc with three media keys expands the ease of adjustment from everything to volume. Of course, everything can be adjusted to your liking with Synapse 3.
Backlight from four sides and up to 38 adjustable zones.
The magnetic wrist rest is easily attached to the keyboard. As it also has a backlight, it will not disturb the impression of the keyboard itself. Plush leatherette provides maximum comfort.

* Razer Opto-mechanical switches - 45 G
* 1000 Hz Ultrapolling
* Digital programmable disc and media keys
* Magnetic plush leather wrist rest
* 100 million press life
* Stabilizer bar
* Razer Chroma backlight
* Macro recording and editing with programmable keys
* Hybrid built-in storage and cloud storage
* Braided cable
* Matte aluminum top panel
* Connector: USB

Dimensions: 49 x 23 x 8.5 cm
Weight: 2152 g

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