Naztech Micro Cable 15cm, NAZ-13436

  • Brand: KotobCity
  • Product Code: NAZ-13436
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  • $ 8

Naztech’s MFi Lightning cables are the absolute best in quality for the market. 
Featuring high quality materials, Naztech brings a cable that gives enhanced signal transfer, maximum speed, and safe performance when you need it most. 
Use it to charge and sync your phone or tablet at the desk. 
This is a Naztech product, and will bring you the highest quality in charge and sync capability.

Maximum Speed
Naztech creates the absolute standard in high quality charging products to deliver maximum speed to your devices.
Utilizing a large gauge high purity power wire and a large gauge high purity ground wire, Naztech’s trusted and compatible cables deliver peak performance to each of your devices. 
Don’t settle below the standard; let Naztech deliver the optimal charging experience for each of your devices.

Enhanced Signal Transfer
Create optimal communication between your devices with Naztech’s Trusted MFi Lightning Cable. 
A high purity copper signal wire creates enhanced data transfer & sync, making the communication between your devices optimized to be even faster. 
A high purity copper signal wire enhances the signal transfer ensuring continuous communication between your devices. 
Naztech delivers optimal communication between your devices.

Dimensions (HxWxD):‎ 15.24x0.64x1.27cm
Weight: 11.34g

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