Ariete Tea Maker/Lipton, 2894

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Ariete tea maker to enhance the taste of your coffee by adding richness to the coffee’s flavor. 
Ariete 2894 Automatic Tea Maker is an automatic electrical appliance for brewing tea and herbal tea and is perfect for a true tea lover.
With a power rating of 2600W, this black colored tea maker delivers the highest quality tea. 
The tempered glass protective coating used in the body of this machine makes it durable and long lasting.
The digital display enables you to choose the water temperature and the number of minutes for infusion to give you the highest quality of tea or herbal tea every time.

Digital Display
The infusion time selection in this tea brewer allows you to choose the duration for which you wish to inject the tea leaves in your beverage. 
So, you can make tea depending on your current mood, i.e. large infusion of leaves will give a strong flavor, and lesser infusion will give a mild flavor. 
With the help of the water temperature selection technique, you can make tea at whatever temperature you want to. 
This makes sure that you never miss out on your daily tea no matter how short on time you are.

Large Capacity
You can enjoy the taste of freshly brewed coffee at any time of the day with this efficient and convenient automatic tea maker. 
The water tank provided has a capacity of 1L, which is more than enough to keep you going throughout the day.

Extraordinary Design
For carrying tea leaves, a removable basket is added, and the addition of a filter ensures that you get a fresh supply of tea every time. 
The cordless base makes sure that the Ariete tea maker is stable when in use.

Dimensions (HxWxD): ‎21.5x17x28cm
Weight: 1.7kg

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