Ariete Metal Espresso Maker, Built-In Grinder, 15Bar, 1600W, 1313

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The Espresso of your dreams at your home, whenever you want
The Ariete 1313 coffee machine is dedicated to true lovers of espresso coffee. 
Thanks to its body made entirely from stainless steel, it is also a real jewel, a design item to display in your kitchen. 
The elegance of the details, the perfection of its operation and its extremely high performance level make this coffee machine indispensable when get up in the morning, providing you with a dense, aromatic and creamy coffee, better than one from a coffee shop.

Thanks to the integrated coffee grinder, you can grind your favourite blend of coffee beans in your own home, so you always have aromatic, delicious smelling freshly ground coffee. 
You can choose from among 11 grinding grade settings the one you like best, by simply turning the special knob which regulates the grind size of the coffee grounds. 
Experiment with the different grade settings to impart more or less flavour to your coffee and find the perfect balance between flavour, aroma and creaminess. 
This professional performance coffee machine also allows you to adjust the amount of ground coffee that goes into the (1 or 2 cup) filter and the right amount of water at the moment the espresso is dispensed. 
By checking the pressure gauge you will always be able to tell if the amount of water, quantity of coffee and grinding grade are in balance with each other in order to guarantee that you always get the best possible espresso. 
Once you have found the settings that are precisely to your taste, you can memorise the quantity of coffee grounds to be placed in the filter and the quantity of coffee dispensed, so you can always use the same settings and always obtain your preferred espresso. Finally, with the Maxi Cappuccino device you can easily froth milk to “stain” the espresso or prepare a creamy cappuccino for your fuller breakfasts, but it can also dispense hot water in just a few moments for tea, infusions and herbal teas. 
If you have little time but you can’t do without the pleasure of a good coffee, you can also use the Ariete 1313 coffee machine with ESE pods. 
You just have to use the special filter supplied for paper coffee pods and enjoy your hot, creamy espresso.
Technology, design and quality combine to offer you all the pleasure of true Italian espresso.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 39.5x30.5x28cm
Weight: 10.82kg

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