Braun Blender Power Blend 3L, JB3150WH

  • Brand: BRAUN
  • Product Code: JB3150WH
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $ 115 $ 95

The new PowerBlend 3 Jug blender makes preparing your favorite food and beverages fast and easy. 
The specially designed triangular-shaped jug features TriAction Technology. Blend all kinds of food. 
Thanks to the specially designed triangular-shaped jug, blind spots are avoided and the ingredients are redirected faster to the blending area. 
SmoothCrush blade system: the higher blade positioning enables efficient blending circulation, creating perfect ?ow for optimum blending results. 
Silent blending: designed for less noise and more efficient blending, the PowerBlend 3 lets you whip up your morning smoothie without waking up the whole house. 
Thermo resistant glass: no blending limits - easily blend sauces, hot soups, icy drinks and more without the risk of thermal cracking.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 6.8x6.8x41cm
Weight: 41g

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