Tramontina Mix Color Pink Yellow Blue 0.6/2/4L With Lid, 25099/953

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Every meal can be a little party. 
When we serve snacks and quick meals, the joy of the colors of the bowls and pots makes the creams, salads, desserts and prepared delicacies even more attractive. 
Relaxation, practicality, beauty and elegance to taste and store food. The line has antimicrobial protection, inhibits and reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi. 
This technology is incorporated during the injection process and lasts for the life of the product, but does not eliminate the need to wash it.

01 Pot with Lid - Capacity 0.6 liters
01 Pot  with Lid  - Capacity 2.0 liters
01 Pot  with Lid  - Capacity 4.0 liters

Dimensions (LxHxD): 29.4x38x30.7cm
Weight: 675g

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