BOOIL Safe, BS1DD6861

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BOOIL Safe, BS1DD6861
The Booil Drop Safe is a compact unit that provides secure storage for cash, envelopes, and other valuables. 
It features an easy access deposit door with a double row anti-theft “Shark Teeth” baffle system that prevents fishing of contents. 
This safe has an interior  space 456x344x281[mm] and includes a shelf for organizing contents. 
The front door also has three locking bolts and an external “Mega Hinge” to  securely shut the safe. 
The contents are safe and protected by a gray carpet mat padding and are accessed through the easy-to-operate digital lock.
This depository safe is made of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel with a powder coat finish.
The S&G 1004 electronic lock allows setting up of two user combination codes. 
It runs on four AA batteries Bolting holes at the back and bottom are provided for easy mounting or locking of the safe in place.

Digital keypad lock and Key lock
Can set up 2 user combination codes
Lock runs on 4 AA batteries
Easy access deposit door
Double row anti-theft “Shark Teeth” baffle system
External “Mega Hinge”
3 locking bolts
Gray carpet mat padding

Outside Dimensions (HxWxD): 68.6x35.6x35.6cm
Inside Dimensions (HxWxD): 45.6x34.4x28.1cm
Estimated Weight: 200kg 

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