Ariete Gran Gelato 135W Ice Cream Scoop Two Baskets One Removable, 693

  • Brand: ARIETE
  • Product Code: 693
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  • $ 500

With the ice cream maker every day is good to enjoy a good homemade ice cream
The Gran Gelato Metal is Ariete’s self-freeze ice cream maker for making delicious genuine home-made ice cream with complete ease. 
When the machine is switched on, the processes of mixing the ingredients and refrigeration are set in motion at the same time, thanks to the internal compressor, which freezes the mixture and produces a creamy, delicious ice cream. 
There will be no need for you to freeze the container in the freezer, the ice-cream maker takes care of mixing and freezing all the ingredients. 
The bowl is removable, allowing you to take the freshly made ice cream out of the ice cream maker and proceed immediately to making a new flavour.

Using the LCD display you can easily decide on the processing time for the ice cream so as to achieve the desired consistency and creaminess. 
At the end of the process, the ice cream maker turns itself off automatically and activates the extended cooling function which will keep the freshly made ice cream cold for up to 1 hour.

Compact and elegant, Ariete’s Gran Gelato Metal will satisfy your craving for ice cream at any time, making excellent artisanal espresso and pure ice-creams, because you can choose all the ingredients to make the kind you prefer: indulgent ones like chocolate or hazelnut ice cream, but also light, fresh ones like lemon sorbet or frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. For a true guilty pleasure, make Sicilian brioche at home with Ariete’s bread maker and fill it with your favourite flavour of ice cream, made in the Gran Gelato Metal.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 30x27x38cm
Weight: 12.52kg

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