Tramontina Farroupilha Cucina Canister 12Cm W/Plastic Red Lid, 61227/122

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Tramontina Cucina Stainless Steel Pot with Red Plastic Lid and Visor 18.5 cm 5.2 L

Made of highly durable stainless steel, it maintains its original features, preserving the material's beauty, hygiene and durability.
Its clean, no-corner design makes cleaning much easier.
Matte finish with gloss details makes the product more noble.
Ideal for storing non-perishable food.
The lid has a perfect seal for good food preservation.
Lid with display that allows the visualization of food.
It can be washed daily in the dishwasher.

Use only soap or detergent and a soft sponge. Other types of product, such as steel wool, may scratch or damage the shine of the piece.
Rinse each item to completely remove residue from cleaning products, which, being abrasive, can damage the stainless steel.
Whenever possible, use hot water, as it renews the shine of the piece.
After washing, dry the garment immediately, otherwise the chemical substances in the water (chlorine) may cause stains.
Avoid friction between the pieces during the washing process and in storage, to keep them scratch-free.
Avoid contact of the product with hot surfaces, as they cause the material to discolor.
Do not store the part in damp places. Moisture also causes stains.
Diameter: 18.5 cm.
Capacity: 5.28 l.
Thickness: 0.7 mm.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 22.3x19.8x19.8cm
Weight: 102g

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