TEFAL G6 Unlimited - Wokpan 28cm, G2551902

  • Brand: Tefal
  • Product Code: G2551902
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  • $ 39

The improvised non-stick titanium coating that stand the test of time.
Compared to Tefal's other non-stick coatings. 
Internal abrasion test.
The unmistakable sizzle of chicken tossed into the pan, the clatter of utensils, the quick slide of a spatula at just the right moment. 
Extreme cooking calls for a wokpan that can withstand extreme conditions. 
Bringing together the all-new SUPERIOR TITANIUM coating offering outstanding non-stick durability that can withstand even metal utensils
With an extra-thick THERMO-FUSION + base, the Tefal Unlimited multipan takes cooking performance to a whole new level.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 43x28x7.3cm
Weight: 1620g

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