Genesis Gaming Keyboard NKG-0676 RM34X

  • Brand: GENESIS
  • Product Code: NKG-0676
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $ 19

RM34X is a gaming keyboard in the full sense of the word. Created for game lovers who for low money can enjoy functional and durable equipment in a modern edition.

High-quality membranes guarantee a long service life even with very intensive use. Thanks to this, the keyboard will resist many of the most dynamic games.

The ergonomic keyboard design ensures comfort even during hours of gaming. You will surely appreciate the comfortable wrist room on the bottom edge of the keyboard. They provide the much needed natural positioning of the hand.

Multimedia control has never been so easy. Thanks to RM34X, which has 9 one-click media hotkeys, it will turn on the most used player or boost your favorite song.

Don't worry about flooding the keyboard as it has special holes that help drain water and therefore protect against damage.

The Natec Genesis RM34X keyboard is not just good quality materials or additional covers for the most used keys. He even handled a gold-plated USB connector cable.

Number of keys
Key mechanism
Cable length
Extra functions
Multimedia Keys, Waterproof

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