Vestel AC XA 9000BTU White, VTXA.819W

  • Brand: vestel
  • Product Code: VTXA.819W
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  • $ 395

Vestel 9000BTU White AC

Amperage: from 3.2 A To 4.2 A

Vestel VTXA.819W 9000 BTU Air Conditioner A Energy
9000 BTU
Turbo Fan

Consumption between 3.5 & 4.2 A

Removable and Washable Pre-Filter
It filters out particles like dust etc. in the room and creates a healthy living environment. With its removable and washable feature, it is easy to disassemble and install in a practical way and provides long-lasting usage.

Turbo Fan
When sudden heating and cooling is needed, the Turbo Feature quickly bring the environment to the desired temperature.

Restart Feature (Automatic Restart at After Power Failure)
This function allows you to start using the previous settings of your air conditioner after a power failure, giving you easy operation. You do not need to reset the values. Thus, when the power comes on, it automatically restarts according to the last set values.

4 Way Auto Air Swing
The airliner’s wings can be automatically adjusted as desired both at the horizontal and vertical angles and distribute the air up and down and right and left. Thus, the airflow is adjusted to positions that do not disturb you, increases comfort and protects your health.

Dehumidification Function
Due to the dehumidification function, the humidity level, in the closed areas at overly humid or coastal areas etc, is reduced and the environment is transported to the desired comfort level.

10 Times More Activated Carbon Filter
The new generation activated carbon filter, which is used to eliminate airborne harmful molecules and bad smells, provides 10 times more healthy air with 10 times more efficient filtering than other filters.

With ionizer feature, it takes negative electricity and stress on the environment. It brings the positive effects of negative ions in mountainous and wooded areas to you and leaves a fresh breeze.

Defrosting Feature
The Defrosting Feature automatically activates when icing occurs in your air conditioner, resolving the ice and preventing performance loss caused by icing.

Heating at -15°C
Even in cold weather, the heating function of the air conditioner remains active to maintain the desired temperature.

Cooling at +46°C
Even in hot weather, the cooling function of the air conditioner remains active to maintain the desired temperature.

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