Monster DNA Headphones White/ Light Grey, SMHDNA

  • Brand: KotobCity
  • Product Code: SMHDNA
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $ 286

The DNA On-Ear Headphones from Monster Power are built for personal music listening and feature an in-line mic and remote.
The headphones have removable earcup plates for swapping different color plates with your friends' DNA on-ear headphones.
They also boast dual "MusicLink" inputs for daisy-chaining your DNAs with any other set of headphones that have an input jack.
This allows you to enjoy your music with others.
The DNAs are also fitted with noise isolating cushions for a comfortable and private listening experience.

Tuned for deep bass and accurate highs, the DNA headphones aim to provide a realistic listening experience
Folding mechanism for convenient storage and transport
Removable earcup plates for swapping with other DNA on-ear headphones
Dual "MusicLink" inputs for daisy-chaining your headphones with another set of headphones with an input jack.
This allows you to enjoy music with your friends
Noise isolating cushions for comfort, keeping noise out and keeping your music from disturbing others
Mic and remote allows for hands-free phone calls and control for iPod, iPhone & iPad.
Dimensions: 6.35 x 14.61 x 18.42 cm
Weight: 0.28 kg

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