Braun Hair Curlier 35W, MN3548-ECIMN-EC1MN

  • Brand: BRAUN
  • Product Code: MN3548-ECIMN-EC1MN
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $ 94

Braun EC1 MN hair tongs will provide a salon result even at home. 
With this device, your hair will always look perfectly well-groomed and beautiful, and it will not be difficult to do it even on your own at home. 
Comfortable and stylish tongs will allow you to howce strands of hair from the roots to the tips in a matter of seconds. 
Thanks to specially designed technologies, the model allows you to create a professional level of styling, with it each curl will be perfectly laid, and your hairstyle will look great. 
The model is simple and easy to use, suitable for all hair types from medium to long.
It is also worth noting the innovative features of the model, such as: the indicator of residual heating, individual settings of the styling mode, the display. 
Power: 35W
Heating time: 60 sec
Minimum heating temperature: 135 degrees Celsius
Maximum heating temperature: 185 degrees Celsius The diameter of the tongs:23mm
Covering tongs: Ceramic

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