Braun Kettle Stainless Steel 2000W 1.7L, WK600

  • Brand: BRAUN
  • Product Code: WK600
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  • $ 166 $ 116

Braun Water kettles combine a unique Braun design with a rapid boiling system for ultimate performance. 
With the Braun Water kettle, boiling water is fast, easy and safe. 
Its German technology guarantees excellent performance day after day.

This kettle is designed to be a stylish attraction in your kitchen and help you prepare a tasty cup of tea, since tea unfolds all its aromas as you pour fresh boiling hot water on the leaves. 
There are no calcium fragments, since the washable filter holds them all back perfectly.
Power: 2200W
Capacity: 1.7L
Rapid boil system (45 seconds)
convenient handling/ 4-way-safety

Dimensions (HxWxD): 16x16x16cm
Weight: 1.2kg

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