Ariete Steam Cleaner, 4164

  • Brand: ARIETE
  • Product Code: 4164
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $ 135

"Steam mop 10 in 1" is a steam floor cleaner that becomes a practical multi-function steam generator thanks to the accessories that complement the product, allowing you to clean different types of surfaces and eliminating germs and bacteria without the need for detergents. Practical to use and easy to store, steam mop 10in1 is a versatile and minimally intrusive assistant. The product is in fact perfect to thoroughly clean every corner of your house: it sanitizes carpets and floors, removes tough dirt and grease from the surfaces, eliminates  encrustations on bathroom fixtures, scrapes residues from hobs, cleans the grout joints between the tiles, sanitizes the most hidden corners and refreshes fabrics and sofas. It cleans, removes stains and degreases all your home quickly and easily with the10in1!

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