Korkomaz A678 Torta Round Pan 28Cm, KOR-A678

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  • Product Code: KOR-A678
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Before using tor the first time: 
First clean your new cookware with hot water and normal washing up liquid. 
Then dry it well and grease the inner surlace lightly.
The cookware is now ready tor use. 
Heat the empty cookware over a medium heat for a short time.
The final cooking is carried out at a lower heat setting.
Suitable oils and fats: Please note that unsuitable fats and oils will burn if the temperature is too high and leave black residues on your cookware, which will be difficult to remove and will adversely affect the non-stick properties.
Please note the tollowing: Butter and margarine contain waler, salt and milk protein and theretore burn quickly. 
We recommend to use a medium heat (approximately 160 C) for good cooking pertormance and theretore well- suited for tossing vegetables etc. 
Since integral diecast handles or stainless steel handles will become hot during usage, use a dry, thick cloth or oven mitts for handling these at all times.

Dimensions (HxW): 28x28cm
Estimaed Weight: 1.2kg

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