Braun Satin 7 Iontec Hair Curler 35W, MN3548

  • Brand: BRAUN
  • Product Code: MN3548
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $ 94

"Infuse your curls with ions to boost shine and smooth hair. 
Power: 35 W Millions of active ions eliminate the static that can occur with conventional curlers. 
With a braun satin hair 7 iontec curler you get more even hair for visibly more shine, curl by curl. 
Temperature boost button For difficult areas. 5 temperature settings Proven for healthy styling. 
24 mm wide barrel For small and tight curls. Ceramic care barrel Safely prevents the dry-out of sensitive tips.
The easy to read led display puts you in control. 
The Braun satin hair 7 iontec curler lets you choose from 5 temperature settings for maximum styling control. 
Whatever works best for you – all temperatures are tested and proven for healthy styling. 
An easy to read led display shows you what’s on. Ceramic barrel for a smoother, gentler glide."

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