Beper Carbon Heater, RI.162

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Pleasant warmth: the beper carbon fiber radiant panel will give you a cozy warmth: the panel is ideal for the living room, the dining room and your bedroom, for covered terraces and balconies to bring pleasant temperatures to all those who love spending time outdoors even in cool weather
Settings: the gold radiant panel is equipped with carbon lamps with a golden finish, cutting-edge technology to reduce the impact of light on sight, unique in its kind. 
It is possible to set the beper carbon fiber radiant panel in 2 heating modes: the first lower level at 450watt, for energy saving, the second level at 900watt for a more comfortable heat
Oscillation: the beper carbon fiber radiant panel can be used fixed or, thanks to an integrated rotating device, with an automatic horizontal oscillation with a very wide radius, in order to heat several people at the same time
Automatic shutdown and safety: the beper carbon fiber radiant panel has two safety systems, the first activates in case of overturning while the second in case of overheating, in both cases the panel will switch off automatically to guarantee maximum safety. 
Lightweight and compact: thanks to its compact size, low weight and handle on the back, beper carbon fiber radiant panel is extremely mobile and can be used anywhere
The beper carbon fiber radiant panel creates a cozy atmosphere thanks to its strong heat output, the 2 heating levels and an automatic swing

Dimensions (HxWxD): 66.5x28x27.5cm
Weight: 1.8kg

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