Boma Electric Hot Plate 1 Burner Inox, YQ-150D-35

  • Brand: KotobCity
  • Product Code: YQ-150D-35
  • Availability: Out of Stock
  • $ 24 $ 17

Stainless Steel Electric Stove
NEW Practical & Modern European Design IDEAKITCHEN-TELEMAX: Yes
Aiming at the Top of His Category: Yes
Huge energy savings: Yes
High efficiency from Powerful 1500WATT Power Motor: Yes
Appliance type: Stainless Electric Stove, Enamel
Single eye: (Single): Yes
Continuous thermostat: Yes
Maximum rated output power: 1500W
Device color: Quality stainless steel

Dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5x34x41.5cm
Weight: 3.2kg

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