Porodo Smart Watch, XXX-PDVORTEX

  • Brand: KotobCity
  • Product Code: XXX-PDVORTEX
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  • $ 61

Stay calm, track your progress step by step, take care of your fitness, health, and style, and get more self-confidence with
Verge Smart Watch.
Taking care of your health and getting fit is not hard these days with the Verge Smart Watch you can also be aware of your progress when you are sleeping with the sleep monitoring ability feature in this watch.
Having HD touch screen, 7 days working time, and iOS / Android app makes Verge Smart Watch enjoyable and easy to use.
This watch is so stylish and can give you personal charm.
This product is a wireless transmission product, and many functions need to be connected with the supporting APP before it can be used. Only in the APP. after the bracelet is connected. other functions can be used such as time synchronization, call reminder and information content push, weather display, and remote camera. Music control, etc.
(do not directly an android phone screen the following OR code to download the APP ta connect, Apple mobile phone)you can search for Hero Band Ill downloads in the APP store.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 3.96x4.04x1.19cm
Weight: 230g

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