Tramontina Brown Roasting Pan Deep 34Cm, 20051/434

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The smell of baking bread or cake fills a house with the best sensations for the best results in your recipes, observe the quality of baking trays and tins the aluminum thickness and the starflon t1 nonstick layers of the brasil line products ensure uniform cooking, making your meals even more delicious in different sizes, they can be used in gas or electric ovens and dishwasher safe
Aluminum with starflon t1 nonstick interior and exterior coating the only one with "t" tecnology: better nonstick surface grater scratch resistance longer lasting easier to clean and pfoa free
Be extra careful when handling a hot utensil, use protection for your hands and keep out of childrens reach
This product cannot be modified; before the first use, wash the utensil with a soft sponge and mild soap or detergent
After drying, grease the internal surface with cooking oil or fat and heat it for two minutes; wait for it to cool and wash again
Your starflon utensil is ready to be used with or without grease, always on low or medium heat (never above 660?f)
Use only silicone, nylon, or wooden utensils to stir food; avoid soaking hot utensil in cold water; never use abrasive products to wash it
If burnt food sticks to the utensil, dampen the area and leave it to soak until the residue can be removed with soap and sponge
To discard products and packaging, follow existing recycling guidelines; this product does not require maintenance, only cleaning

‎Dimensions (HxWxD): 34x34cm
Weight: 300g

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