Pyrex 913S091 Set PX281PG+282PG CK&GO Aqua, 239865

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Withstands up to 300C in the oven
Withstands up to -40C frost
Can be taken directly from a -20C freezer to a 200C hot oven
Can be taken in the microwaveCan be put in the dishwasher
Can be placed in the oven
An airtight lid is included which increases the shelf life of the food
It includes: 2 Pcs
Material: Glass
Brand: Pyrex
Capacity: 0.8L and 1.7L

Pyrex Cook & Go Glass Rectangular Dish With Lid comes with ultra-resistant glass dish feature airtight and leakproof lid. 
Perfect to cook your meal and carry it to the office or picnic safely, even for meals covered in sauce! BPA-free lid. 
Writing zone on the lid (with a pencil). 
Scratch resistant.
Made in France.

Estimated Weight: 0.4kg

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