Princess Vacuum Sealer, 1964

  • Brand: Princess
  • Product Code: 1964
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  • $ 119

Keep your food fresh 5 time longer, resulting in less food waste
The vacuum bags are also perfect for using with a sous vide machine
Complete with 10 vacuum bags that can be reused
Quality first
You receive 10 high quality vacuum bags with a size of 22 x 30 cm. 
The vacuum bags are suitable for freezing, microwaving and boiling in water. 
You can even reuse the bags so you can start immediately decreasing your food waste. 
Sealed food can be kept fresh more than five times as long.

Easy to use
Place the vacuum bag the right way according to the instructions in the vacuum sealer and close the lid. 
Press with your thumbs on both sides of the machine. 
The vacuuming will start and pull all the air out of the bag. 
Right after finishing this, the machine automatically seals the bag. 
Release your thumbs after the bag is completely sealed.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 20.7x36.8x10.4cm
Weight: 1.85kg

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