Princess Classic Deep Fryer 4L,2000W , Stainless Steel, Cool Zone,Adjustable Thermostat, Dishwasher Safe,Inner Pan,Frying Basket With Detachable Handle And Cord Storage System, 182004

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Prepare the most crunchy chips and snacks in a safe manner with the Princess 182004 Deep Fat Fryer Pro. 
The cool zone makes sure that small parts and crumbs do not burn and the innovative safety filter prevents the oil from splattering and overcooking. 
The deep fryer is great for large families as you can fry up to 1.5 kg food to feed all hungry mouths.
Cool zone for healthy frying
A problem with many deep fat fryers is burning crumbs that fall through the basket when you use the oil more than once. 
The Princess Deep Fat Fryer Pro has a special cool zone to prevent this from happening. 
All small particles end up in the cool zone beneath the heating element and the will not burn. 
This way, your oil stays cleaner for longer and you will not end up with black remnants on your fries that are very unhealthy.

Innovative safety filter
When you like to fry frozen food like chips or snacks you will have noticed that your oil starts splattering. 
Water and oil do not mix and when frying frozen food small waterdrops will arise in the oil and start splattering. 
The innovative safety filter of the Princess Deep Fat Fryer Pro distributes the water drops so the oil will not bubble up or splatter. 
This makes frying much safer and keeps your counter free from oily splatters.

Easy to clean
The stainless steel inner pan of the Princess Deep Fat Fryer Pro can be removed so you can easily change the oil and clean the pan. 
All parts of the fat fryer are detachable and most parts are dishwasher safe so cleaning the fryer can be done in a jiffy.

What’s in the box:
Princess Deep Fat Fryer Pro, stainless steel inner pan, frying basket, safety oil filter, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Deep Fat Fryer Pro
Prepare enough food for your entire family thanks to the large 4 litre volume
The cool zone prevents little crumbs from burning and extends the usability of your oil
The safety oil filter protects against splattering and overflowing so frying can be done more safely
Easy to clean thanks to the dishwasher proof parts
The deep fryer heats up very quickly thanks to the large 2000 Watt power

Dimensions (HxWxD): 28.9x49.5x43cm
Weight: 5kg

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