Sonifer Electric Grill Manual Key Non Stick, 4Slice Press Grill Plate, SF-6012

  • Brand: Sonifer
  • Product Code: SF-6012
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Brand sonifer products have been certified ce, that is, that products have met the standard european product requirements so that the safety, health, and quality of products are guaranteed.

Electric bbq grill electric steak sandwich sonifer grill.
Electric grill
Today 's baking is very easy and healthy, without charcoal, without smoke.
Enjoy the delicious dish easily, no need to bother flipping or pressing in the process of baking, just use this electric roast.

- Teflon plate non-stick
- There are lights on / off
- It 's perfect for toast sandwich / bread.
- Hot sale!!!!!!!!!
- Easy to use
- Safe to use because there 's overheat protection.
- Food grade stainless steel
- Ecologically safe materials
- Cool touch housing (body outside is not hot, safer)
- There are 1pc crumbs and 1pc oil storage container after use
- 1500 - max 2,000 watt power

Dimensions (HxWxD): 37x14cx34.5cm

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