Kenwood Airfryer 11L Black, HFP90000BK

  • Brand: KENWOOD
  • Product Code: HFP90000BK
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  • $ 195

The evolution of air fryers!
The large Kenwood air fryer oven is a multifunction cooking appliance, featuring a variety of cooking methods. 
Fry, brown, roast, defrost, heat, grill, gratin or even dry out foods to create an array of delicious meals.
It features a transparent door for easy viewing and has a large capacity of up to 11 litres.
Making a rotisserie chicken at home may seem a little intimidating, but with the Kenwood air fryer oven you'll be able to create the perfect rotisserie chicken easily.
Power: 2000W
Internal viewing light: Yes
Temperature control: Yes
Viewing window: Yes
Only 1 Spoon Oil
Rotisserie Function-Cooks a whole chicken
60mins Timer
Rotating basket for cooking your food homogeneously
3 Different types of grills for cooking food separately and simultaneously
Removable glass door & oil drip tray for easy cleaning
Accessories: 3 Grills, Rotating basket, Drip tray, Rotisserie spit, Accessory to remove rotisserie spit and basket
Dimensions (HxWxD): 44x36.5x38.5cm
Weight: 7.85kg

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