Russell Hobs Classic Citrus Press Red, RHB-2601056

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There's nothing like a glass of freshly pressed juice to keep you cool in the morning. 
So if you love the taste but hate the effort, this classic citrus juicer is perfect for you. 
With the rotating juicer cones, extracting juice from large and small fruits is quick and easy. 
The juice cone rotates automatically once the fruit is placed, so there is no need to waste time squeezing by hand. 
With the automatic return action, the cone is designed to extract maximum juice with minimal mess and mess. 
Best of all, it comes with two interchangeable cones
One is small for lemons and limes and the other is larger for oranges and grapefruits.
Color: Red
Power consumption: 60 watts
Material: stainless steel
Type: centrifugal juicer
Dimensions (HxWxD): 27x16.2x27cm
Weight: 1.18kg

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