Sony Wireless Headphones Noise Reduction Dynamic, MDR-RF895RKZCEK

  • Brand: Sony
  • Product Code: MDR-RF895RKZCEK
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  • $ 110 $ 78

- Wireless headphones with up to 100m range
- Noise reduction system for clearer sound
- 40mm driver unit for wide frequency range sound
- Built-in automatic tuning for high quality transmission
- Up to 20 hours of battery life.

Zone out and tune in
Noise-reducing technology keeps the wireless signal free of interference from other electronic devices, so you can enjoy your favourite film, soundtrack or game with crystal clear sound. 

Wireless range
The enhanced range from the transmitter dock lets you to move from room to room without losing an audio connection. 

Up to 20 hours of play time
Enjoy your favourite shows, music and films without having to charge for up to 20 hours. Dynamic detail with 40mm drivers
From thunderous booms to soft whispers, the large 40mm drivers will make sure that you experience every detail in clear and precise sound quality. 

Freedom to roam throughout your home
With a long battery life and wide reception range, you can take your favourite films and programmes with you as you wander around your home – so you’ll never miss out on the action again. 

Surround yourself in high-quality sound
With a closed cap design, dynamic drivers and Voice Mode button, sound quality is increased while noise and distractions from the outside world are reduced – leaving you to enjoy your entertainment in peace. 

Weight: 290g

Dimensions and Weight
31.98 x 24.87 x 18.26 cm 839 g

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