Russell Hobbs Raclette Quatuor, 2100056

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A Multifunctional Raclette Adapted To All Your Desires!
The Raclette Quatuor Is 4 In 1 To Achieve Everything. 
A Smart Device Equipped With 4 Functions To Delight Both Children And Adults. 
Multiply The Convivial Moments By Preparing A Raclette, Grilling On The Stone Or On The Grill And Tasting Pancakes Together Thanks To Its Multi-pancake Plate.

To Feast Up To 8 Guests During A Light Dinner.
What Better Way To Start A Party, A Quiet Family Dinner Or An Evening With Friends In A Good Mood Than To Sit Around A Delicious Raclette? 
Those Who Love Salt Can Spread Their Raclette Cheese Over Meat, Vegetables, Or Bread. 
The Device Contains A Grill Plate For Cooking Meat And Fish, As Well As A Plate For Large Pancakes And A Multi-pancake Plate, Ideal For Preparing Your Desserts. 
It Is Also Provided With A Grill Stone And 8 Frying Pans So That Everyone Can Prepare Small Dishes To Their Taste.

1,200 W Of Power
5-position Adjustable Thermostat
Operation Indicator Light
8 Frying Pans Non-stick Coating

Dimensions (HxWxD): 16x43x30cm 
Weight: 7kg

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