Green Wireless Microphone Lightning, GRN-WIRLGT

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  • Product Code: GRN-WIRLGT
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Green Lion Wireless Microphone for Lightning . Accurate Voice Picking and DSP Noise Reduction.

2.4GHz Transmission Technology.
Compatibility with Lightning devices.
Accurate Voice Picking.
DSP Noise Reduction.
Dimension 62.5 x 60 x 27.5mm.


Wireless Connection
Capture Voice at Ease
Plug and Play
Auto Pairing
Battery Powered
Lightning Connector

Green Lion is a leading accessory manufacturing brand with an advanced production system adopting sophisticated details.
The microphone can be used indoors and outdoors.
It is a wireless microphone with a Lightning connector for use with your smart devices that has many exciting features. 
The mute button and coolbeep are two outstanding features that will alert you when someone speaks into the microphone without any disturbance. 
The wireless connection helps you carry the microphone freely as you are no longer connected to a wire. 
It is compatible with all smartphones through the lightning connector.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 62.5x60x27.5cm
Weight: 0.089kg

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